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We want you to understand how amazing the Vantage experience can be, but we know you can only hear so much from us. It's the experience that others have that really tell it like it is. So let's sit back and listen to what a few others have to say.

Andrew O

Team Leader / Exp. Rep, 1,000 Serviced

"Vantage Marketing is second to none! Their knowledge, training, and experience will give you the best opportunity to succeed. Vantage has helped me gain life skills and reach goals I never thought possible at this stage of my life. You will be doing yourself a favor by joining the team. They are the best people in the summer sales industry."

Katrina T

First Year Rep, 221 Serviced

"I had actually signed with another pest control company, but wasn't really sure of how to best prepare. I sat in one of the training meetings at Vantage, and although I had committed to another company, the answes at Vantage were exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't be more thankful I made the decision I did. Vantage will always do whatever it takes to help!"

Jeremy R

Regional Sales Manager, 770 Serviced/yr

"Vantage is the best summer sales company out there! I have the utmost respect for the owners due to their impressive values and ethics. Vantage has always treated me fairly, and the growth opportunity is unmatched. I've never been just a number to them - which is often the case in the summer sales arena. Based upon my personal experiences and success, I wouldn't even consider working for another summer sales company. Trust me when I say I've done my homework. This is the best palce to be, period!"

Matthew S

David O

Manager, 7 Years Experience

"There are a lot of options when it comes to summer sales but going with a company with one of the largest summer sales programs in the country while still feeling like a close knit family company where the owners know your name wether you're a first year rep or you've been with the company for years. Vantage has all the benefits of a large company with the care and attention of a small company, it's truly the best of both worlds."

Kyler R

Experienced Rep, 3 Years Experience

"Honest company that is out to help you succeed, not to take advantage of you like other companies. They HAVE ALWAYS paid me exactly what I made. The service is great you don not need to worried if your account will be serviced or not. Awesome training."

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